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FREE mobile app review
We provide FREE review of your mobile app, which includes:
1. Design analysis
2. Quality assurance
3. Detailed report with recommendations
About us
UFox Lab is a team of experienced software engineers with mobile development focus. We provide a full-cycle development process including business analysis, design, development, QA testing, publishing, maintenance and support.

We are focused on helping individuals, startups and small businesses to give their ideas life or grow and expand the business by developing mobile apps, which follow modern tendencies and comply with Material Design (Android) and Human Interface (iOS) guidelines and policies.

We work with clients around the world and have offices in the USA and Europe.
What we do
Mobile Design
We utilize our significant experience in designing mobile apps to provide the best user experience. We follow Material Design and Human Interface guidelines to make sure the app meets modern requirements.
Mobile Development
Our well-organized teamwork and deep understanding of customer needs enable us to develop top-notch mobile app solutions (both native and cross-platform) on time and on budget.
Consulting and Support
We provide quality consulting by analyzing business and advising on how best to use information technology in achieving business goals. Also we suggest maintenance and support services for existing apps and apps we developed.
How we do
Business Analysis
We talk to you to gain the basic understanding of your idea, what goals you pursue and problems your app is going to solve, your expected budget. We suggest 2 options:
1. Free rough analysis.
2. Paid detailed analysis.
Time/Budget Estimation
Depending on the option you have chosen for Business Analysis we suggest:
1. Rough estimation (subject to change during the development process).
2. Final estimation (does not change).
Or we can evaluate what your project will look like within the budget you set.
We gather your wishes (if you have ones) and develop 3 design solutions for the app. You can choose whatever you like more and we will modify it according to your suggestions. After finalizing the design and your approval we start programming process.
We work on the implementation and keep in touch with you doing more in-depth analysis if needed and frequently providing intermediate results.
Our quality assurance team performs extensive testing during the development process and after finishing the app to make sure it works as expected.
Publishing and Maintenance
We create accounts and publish the app in the App Store and/or Google Play and wherever it is required and suggest ongoing maintenance and support.
Why choose us
We don't want to waste your money and time on inefficient and useless features, because we value your time as our own.
We conduct thorough research of your idea and look for the most optimal solution for you. We follow official guidelines and industry's best practices.
Established process
We follow strict internal guidelines for development process from business analysis to publishing the app that allows us to plan our work as accurately as possible.
Individual approach
We keep close connection with our clients and are always available to discuss your concerns and ready to answer your questions.
Contact us
Phone: +1 (512) 658-0170
Email: hello@ufoxlab.com