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About Us
UFox Lab is a dynamic and result-oriented software development company with a talent pool of experienced engineers. We provide full-cycle software development services starting from the business analysis and design to QA testing, deployment, maintenance and support.

We are focused on helping individuals, startups and small businesses grow and expand by developing software, which automates day-to-day operations and helps to increase efficiency of business processes and market influence.

Our force is a team of remarkable minds who rock in Web and Mobile development, QA and DevOps. We work with clients around the world and have offices in the USA and Europe.
Why choose us?
Everyday we work hard to make life of our clients better and happier
We don't want to waste your money and time on inefficient and useless features, because we value your time as our own
We analyze your idea or business and look for the most optimal solution for you. We suggest 2-3 solutions depending on budget and start from MVP to make sure, that the product is really useful
We rejoice with you when you reach your goals!
Our services
Web Development
We utilize our significant experience in a wide range of technologies for the development of web-based applications
Mobile Development
Our well-organized teamwork and deep understanding of customer needs enable us to develop top-notch mobile app solutions (both native and cross-platform) on time and on budget
Consulting and Support
We provide quality consulting and support services by analyzing business and advising on how best to use information technology in achieving business goals
Case study
One of the leading European vacation property website. Automating property exchange between partners and introducing an admin panel for managers helped to increase turnover some tenfolds. Property searching and managing became easier and more efficient.
Developing e-commerce apps is always challenging, especially for one of the biggest US based online retailers. Incredible amount of visitors, orders, transactions requires responsible design and concentrated work. Catalog, profile, orders - just a small part of really solid application.
Monitoring events of the stadiums and arenas, buying tickets, navigating, searching the nearest toilet, looking through menu and buying food. After the event it is possible to order a taxi through the application.
Health and wellness solutions. Educating, assisting and motivating individuals to engage in healthy behaviors by using web and mobile apps, which implement monitoring and notifying systems.

Our locations
Austin, Texas, USA
Minsk, Belarus
Our contacts
+1 512 658 0170
Austin, Texas